WIC Shopper App

What is eWic?

eWIC is short for “electronic WIC”, meaning the new eWIC cards. Prior to June 1, 2016, WIC benefits were issued to participants in the program through WIC checks.

WICShopper App

The free WIC Shopper app lets you review available food benefits, scan products to identify WIC allowed foods, find WIC clinics stores and view recipes on your smartphone.

Using eWIC

eWIC makes it easy to use your benefits. Your eWIC card can be used to buy eligible food at select stores and works like a debit card. This makes shopping for WIC foods easy.

Check Allowable Foods and Benefits On The Go

Giving participants the tools, they need to thrive in WIC. With the convenience of eWIC, many WIC shoppers can replace paper brochures with an app on their smartphones. We integrate your food list and other assets to create a user experience that is completely customized to you. WIC families are able to check which foods are WIC-eligible and find helpful shopping information. Download the app.

When you use your eWIC card, you can expect an easier checkout because it works just like a debit card. Using your eWIC card gives you the option to get what you need whenever you need it during the month for your whole family. Benefits are loaded electronically, so you will have access to your account online and in the mobile app. eWIC helps WIC; approved stores give you easier checkouts, faster payments, and fewer errors at checkout.

During your WIC appointment, WIC staff will review with you how to shop using your eWIC card. WIC staff will provide a list of authorized stores, where you can shop using your eWIC card. All authorized WIC stores, including pharmacies, must post a WIC cling or sign at the entrance of the store. This lets you know the store can accept your eWIC card. If you have any questions, call us today and we will help you. Note: Vendors are not required to stock all foods listed on the WIC Acceptable Foods Card.

What do do if you misplace your eWIC card

Call the WIC clinic and explain that your card was lost. The clinic will deactivate your lost card and schedule you for an appointment to issue you a new card. Before contacting the clinic, you can also call the automated customer service line (1-844-234-4950) and select a new PIN so if your card is found, no one else can use it.